Review: The 1975 – “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.”

Ah, The 1975! If you know me personally then you are aware of my love for these guys. So, for this post I will kind of skip the lovely words I have for them and their music, since well, I don’t won’t you to be sick of me just yet.

Even though I always have a reason to write on something The 1975 related, this time it is quite special, since, they have a new album out.

Yes!Finally! I’ve been counting down the days to it, as I presume every fan out there was doing the same. And no, we are not out of our minds, it is just the anticipation thing.

Let me start by saying that with their self-titled debut album, the 1975 have become one of the most perspective British bands, they have literally exploded onto the music scene making everyone wonder who the hell are these guys and why are they singing about chocolate?!

That album also charted pretty well I might say, being on the list of the most sold albums. The Manchester quartet who was always inspired and influenced by the 80’s pop music, were all over the radio with songs like Chocolate’ and, of course, Sex’. And then, three years down the line, their debut got a follow up, the sophomore album interestingly titled “I Like It  When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.”, which actually surpassed the success of their debut. The album went straight to number 1 on both American and British album chart.

As on their debut, the opener on ILIWYSFYASBYSAOI is a track simply named “The 1975”, but this time around, it is a much richer version. My first thought was that this whole album will be a much more ambitious work that its predecessor, and that was only after a couple of seconds into the song and album itself.

The first “real” song on the album is also their first single, “Love Me”, which in a way, gave us a glimpse into this phenomenal piece of art.

It is one of my favorites and well, it is an extremely catchy track.

The album continues in an amusing and fun mood with “Ugh!”, but the lyrics are much darker, deeper and well, confessional in a way. They reveal Matty’s ongoing battle with cocaine addiction.

And this is what I like about them, and bands in general, the whole juxtaposition of catchy, fun music and dark, thought-provoking lyrics.

Album Front Cover

Then, for the first time, the band slows things down in a ballad “A Change Of Heart”, in which Matty describes the loss of interest in a relationship but also, in my opinion, takes a little jibe at the world of social media and how it affects the people around us. And all this is done in such honest, transparent manner with an inevitable dose of Matty’s humor (“You said I’m full of diseases, your eyes were full of regret, and then you took a picture of your salad and put it on the internet”) and then conclude an excellent first part of the album with “She’s American”.

After five introductory catchy tunes, the album takes a different pace with gospel inspired “If I Believe You” to instrumental track “Please Be Naked” and “Lostmyhead”, all the way to electronic inspired track for which the sophomore takes the name.

That whole middle part of the album (which is over 35 minutes!) is in a way forgettable, I would not be surprised if even die-hard fans skipped this part over time.

I love them, but they overdone it with experimenting. And mind you, I listen to classical music too, but this part of the album is just not doing anything for me, sorry. They should have saved some of them for the next, third album.

Luckily, the album progresses with amazing and magnificent “The Sound”, which is by far, one of my favorite songs out there, not just of the album.

I believe it will be the song that will mark 2016!

It has a fantastic chorus which could easily fill up an entire stadium on its own, and it is 4 minutes of pure entertainment. It is no brainer why this track is their most successful single.

After standard The 1975 track, the 80s themed pop song “This Must Be My Dream”, to “Paris” which had me all teary eyed, the album slowly takes to an end.

Two beautiful, family related ballads, “Nana” (which I listened to only once and that was all that my heart could take, it had me bawling my eyes out), where Matty mourns the death of his beloved grandma, and an acoustic track “She Lays Down” where he tells us about his mother’s battle with depression, conclude this emotional ride.

The best way to describe ILIWYSFYASBYSAOI, as a whole, would be as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of album. In certain parts it is an extremely fun album with great production behind it, while in other, well, it is tempting to just skip some tracks.

One thing is for sure, the band was ambitious with this album and there is nothing wrong with that, they proved once again they are more than capable of creating great pop songs, pop hits, showing us that they, in fact, have evolved as a band and that their music also evolved into a new dimension.

Inside the „I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It“,  you will find an amazing 35 minute album but also, an average 70 minute album.

But, that will not lessen their influence or decrease the number of their fan-base, because in my eyes, they will always be the revolutionaries of music, and if you are a fan of them, you know they will never let you down with their music choices, their visuals and their evolving music presence.


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