BirthDAY or birth(day)week?

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, I’mma spend my money! Well, some of it anyway. 🙂 I know this post may seem a bit narcissistic, but yesterday was by birthday and I was dead excited for it. It was one of the better ones if I may say, so I took some photos (of my face, yes) and thought why not share it. Hope you lot would not hold it against me, being a music blog and all.

Any who, as I said, this bday was a good one. Why? Well first of all, I am currently in Vienna visiting my friend Alex and that alone is an awesome fact. Then, I saw Kygo on Thursday April 7th and yesterday, on my bday, Alex and I spent some quality time together, since she is always busy running around Vienna doing all sorts of jobs ( she’s a busy woman I tell ya).

First we went to a shopping centre and of course had to go to Primark store, and basically spent half the afternoon there. Once we returned to flat we ordered some pizza ( as one does when its a party), took some time to make ourselves look decent and then we headed off to Prater, which is a big amusement park with all sorts of rides and let me say, some hella good sweets and drinks. There’s no need to describe how freaking amazing it was and also, somewhere along the way, we were high on sugar. Yes, well, sorry not sorry.

Headed back home and voila, that’s when these photos happened. And if you’re slightly interested in what the party music was, well, it was Justin Bieber kinda night.

Don’t judge me, it was my birthday.

And how would one end an amazing day, well of course with an amazing night… out.

Oh, and I am yet to see The 1975 tomorrow at Gasometer, so hallelujah! I think its safe to say that this will go from a one day celebration to a whole, one week bday celebration.

And I am completely fine with that. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Tanja, X



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