I’m going to Exit!Can you hear me crying?!

Yes, I’m really going to Exit Festival! It will be the summer of a lifetime and I simply cannot wait. Is it too early to start freaking out about headliners and acts yet to be announced? This year has started out great for me, hopefully it will continue to be great and nothing would spoil it.

Anyway, I am still at my friends’ Alex flat in Vienna and I completely forgot to buy reduced price tickets while home. That’s what happens when you are planning a trip, a birthday, need to pack and go see two concerts in one week. But, I am not complaining, hell no. I need more days like these, I love being busy.

I like to think of myself as an organized adventurer, if that makes any sense.

Thankfully, I have an amazing brother who understands my love for music and this festival. Because if you do not already know, Exit Festival is a big deal. Let’s say it like this, Exit to Serbia is what Glastonbury is to the UK. And that says a lot.

So, he went and bought me tickets and sent me this photo as proof, because I simply did not believe him.

I am beyond happy and can not wait to hold them, exchange them for wristbands and then enter into a truly magical place that is the state of Exit!

See you there!


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