Summer fun officially starts tomorrow

I am dead excited for the next couple of days! Back in April my lovely brother did me a huge favour and bought me these bad boys bellow. I cannot believe how fast the time has passed, it is summer already. As I am writing this post, there is a huge pile of clothes on my bed just waiting on me to pack it all up. Luckily, we are not staying at a camp ( hats off to people who are and are proper adventurers), rather we have found a small but cosy flat during the four days of Exit. So, there is no need to pack up on those “must have” festival necessities.

But, what am I doing instead of packing? I’m glued to my laptop writting this post and a earlier took this quite Pinterest-y photo for my Instagram page. You know, priorities.

I am going solo to Novi Sad tomorrow and will meet up with my friend Alex once there. She will be travelling from Vienna, and that’s dedication right there you see.

Buzzing for Bastille of course, that will be my first time seeing them live after years of following their career, watching live streams of their festival sets and silently crying over the fact they went from small venue indie band to this giant of pop/rock/indie scene.

That aside, I more than grateful that I will finally have the opportunity to witness their dynamic set and sing back the words I hold dear to my heart.

Also, have to mention Ellie and The Vaccines, looking forward to their sets also.

And as for DJs… if you know me, you would now I absolutely love drum’n’bass among other genres, and when I heard Wilkinson would be part of X-bass program… I freaked out a bit. Sigma, Modestep and Wilkinson are my dream X-bass lineup and they are all in different time slots which is always great.

Not to bore you anymore with my excitement, I am off to finish my packing and get some good night sleep, because if one thing is for sure that is there will be a serious lack of it during the next 4 days!

See you there, have fun!


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