LIVE | Exit Festival, Novi Sad | 7 July 2016

Thursday, 7th July! Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad – the place to be! I have made it to the entrance finally. When you actually get inside the festival area, you immediately get overjoyed and happiness can be easily seen on your face. You get a huge smile and your heart is beating a bit faster… or maybe that was just me. You get overwhelmed by the size of it all and the number of people there. For me, it was the rush and sheer excitement of the first day, one needs to try and soak in all the lovely chaos that is happening. All in all, we were all there for two main reasons: have fun and listen to some great music. Now thinking about it we had an amazing time, beyond of what we have expected.

And there was no better way to start the festival then with my favorite band which is Bastille.


They opened the set with “Bad Blood” and did an amazing job. They were always met with screams and applause and there was no lack of gratitude from Dan with his many “thank you so much”. He even conversed with the crowd several times just to make sure everyone was having a good time. His energy and constant jumping made the crowd go wild on their own.

They played some of their well-known songs like “Laura Palmer”, “Things We Lost In The Fire”, “These Streets”, but also some new songs like “Good Grief”, “Send them Off!” and “The Currents”. Among all of them was a ballad “Overjoyed” and their successful covers “No Scrubs” and “Of the Night”. Of course, all that could not pass with Dan’s usual walking to the crowd during “Flaws” which was met with deafening screams from young girls and people at the barrier.

And surely, the show had to end with their most popular and known song “Pompeii”. It is enough to say the crowd went crazy for that one, since every single person there actually knew the song word for word.

They were chanting the famous “Eh-eh-eh-ooh” even before they started playing it, everyone knew it was the last song of the set. The crowd were engaged, jumping up and down but also jumping on someone else’s shoulders.

Then Dan introduced the next artist to hit the stage in a couple of minutes, Ellie Goulding.

But then, right when the clock struck midnight a party of colors could be seen in the sky above the main stage. Fireworks! It has become somewhat of a tradition this beautiful midnight fireworks and it lasted for a good 10, 15 minutes.


After a huge applause, familiar song came through the speakers. The band took their place at the stage and Ellie came out singing “Aftertaste”. Well known hits like “Lights”, “Burn”, “On My Mind”, “I Need Your Love” came soon after, while the very end was reserved for her hugely successful song, a powerful ballad, “Love Me Like You Do” with the crowd singing back every word and chanting Ellie’s name.

The show came to an end with colorful confetti falling from the sky, but the party did not really end since soon after Ellie, popular English duo Sigma came onto the stage. The excitement and craziness were through the roof as the Drum’n’Bass duo turned up the temperature and the volume… it was getting louder and louder as they played all the big ones like “Nobody to Love”, “Glitterball”, “Higher” and of course, my favorite “Changing”.

And if you are more into photos than words, then please check out my humble gallery.

Ellie at the start of her set

The good times continued until dawn when yours truly had to bow down and get some sleep. Because, if the 1st day was lively like this then the rest of them would be rather interesting if I may say.

Therefore, let the good vibes flow and roll in the second day!


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