LIVE | Exit Festival, Novi Sad | 8 July 2016

We have survived the madness of day 1 at Exit festival and embarked on one very long night at the fortress. Day 2 promised us a night filled with crazy festival vibes accompanied with all sorts of sounds. Main Stage was reserved for funk, house and drum’n’bass respectively, but one could find any genre at the fortress, you just had to know where to look.

Any who, we got there quite late (but then, what is “late” in Exit terms, right?) and we actually did not see the first performers of the night live, at the spot, but rather watched a live stream on You Tube. The first ones were IrieFM, a Serbian band, who turned out to be great and my friend and I were filled with regret by the end of the night. They were so amazing I could hear their whole performance outside the apartment we were staying in. So, we were dancing to their music and getting ready for the main event, the big names that everyone was talking about non-stop.

The talk of the town were George Clinton and David Guetta, their performances were on the “not to miss out on” list.

So, we entered the State of Exit and slowly made our way towards the Main Stage, but we soon realized that the barrier would not happen that night. It was jam-packed, I have never in my life seen so much people in one place. It was like this: you enter, find a nice spot to stand for the next 4 hours and that was it! You were set. You could not even move your hand properly, let alone jump to the music. And me, being a bit anxious and claustrophobic, just did not deal with this all too well. It was like every single person at the fortress was at Main Stage, trying to get a glimpse of an international superstar of house and dance music, the French hit maker, David Guetta.

And he, of course, being in the industry for so long, did not disappoint. Armed with some of the most satisfying audio-visuals, he greeted the crowd and set off the night with well-produced mixes and his own songs, some of the greatest pop and dance hits like “Play Hard”, “Hey Mama”, “Titanium”, “Who’s That Chick”, “When Love Takes Over”, “Without You” and many more. The man has more hits than I can remember. But, one thing was for certain, they all echoed throughout the jam-packed Main Stage. And of course, every song was accompanied by a right visual and occasional pyrotechnics blasting from the stage.


Before Guetta, the amazing George Clinton who is the proclaimed doctor of funk took to the stage and contributed to positive energy and all in all, great festival atmosphere. His massive band was there too, of course, and I say massive because no one could tell the exact number of members, it was like a real, huge, on stage party. Parliament-Funkadelic showed why Clinton’s protégé Prince personally introduced them into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, thanks to the legendary tracks “Give Up the Funk”, “One Nation Under a Groove”, “Flash Light” and “Atomic Dog”.

After all the “big acts”, it was finally time for X-bass program, as they call it. And I for one could not be more excited, even more than for the others before him. I just love this man’s music and every now and then, I just have to play his debut on repeat!

It was time for Wilkinson! The great thing about his set is that the crowd was less in numbers, only the people who truly enjoy d’n’b were there. And you could tell that just by looking at some of the faces! It was wild to say the least. The dust was everywhere, people were jumping like mad, Mark was spinning hits like “Afterglow”, “Too Close”, “Take You Higher”, “Breathe” and that was just the beginning.

Great sound, crazy vibes, ear-popping bass, awesome drops and a talented MC, one of my favorites, MC AD-APT.

His set was, hands down, the one I have enjoyed the most. And believe me, I saw Wilkinson at Sea Dance 2015, and he had an electrifying set. It just proves he delivers every time, he is constantly great.

The follow-up lasted until the early morning hours, for some until late morning, making the crowd dance the night away with Congo Natty and Sarah Farina.

Bring on Day 3!


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