LIVE | Exit Festival, Novi Sad | 10 July 2016

The fourth and last day of Exit Festival! Would you believe me if I said that it has gone by so fast? But, it was one of the best adventures of my life and I simply cannot wait for next year’s Exit!

That been said, last night’s line-up was so mixed that it had something for everyone.

First artist of the night was grime and hip hop star Stormzy who impressed everyone in the crowd. Owner of two MOBO awards had an energetic set, engaged the crowd and even said that we have created a historic moment, that people would look back at that night and say they have witnessed history in the making.

After grime, it was time for some gangster rhymes, talk about weed, pop hooks and striking visuals. It was time for Wiz Khalifa! Even though I am not that much into rap, and I only knew a couple of songs, one thing is for sure, that man can put on a show. He has easily confirmed his status of one of the greatest rappers out there. And the crowd was clearly aware of that fact because they were chanting his name and screamed their lungs out for almost five minutes on end.

And Wiz could not be happier about that, he had a huge smile throughout the set. We listened to hits like “Black & Yellow”, “Taylor Gang”, “Young, Wild and Free”, “We Dem Boyz”, and of course, “See You Again” which was saved for the very end.

That song got some people emotional while others, all 30.000 of them, were singing every word in sync, almost like a choir.

The highlight of last night’s Exit was surely The Prodigy. There was such a culmination of emotions and we could all feel the intensity of that close relationship the band has with Exit and its attendees. As the members themselves once stated, Exit is their favorite festival to play at.


Statistics report that around 35.000 people were at Main Stage during their set, and let me tell you it was a madhouse. The moment they stormed the stage with “Breathe” the audience has turned into this massive, living organism from which torches were lit and passed around, flags were in the air, some people were climbing up the trees and lampposts to get a better view, t-shirts were fluttering around, there was fireworks and it seemed everyone had a whistle ready at hand. It was just so overwhelming at times and downright insane.

Blasting through the speakers, on came songs like “Firestarter”, “Smack My Bitch Up”, “Omen”

At moments, in unbearable crowd, while they were performing “Voodoo people”, a huge cloud of dust could be seen rising from all the jumping. I am convinced that that brown sea of dust covering the whole Main stage area could’ve be seen as far as the city center.

So, as the dust settled it was nearly time to call it a night. As always, Exit festival ended on a high note and with a bang.

Early morning at the gates of Exit

I for one, cannot wait for next year! I am eager to see what’s in store for us and who will grace us with their presence at Main Stage.

I will be seeing YOU next year! Let the good times roll!


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