Review: Blossoms, band and debut album

Laptop ✔

headphones ✔

album ✔

… and hit play.

The debut album Blossoms by, well, Blossoms is currently one of my favorites and I will not be surprised if it ends up as my most played album of the month when I receive my Deezer statistics, and I love it when that email arrives.

But, there needs to be a proper start to this post, so, I will save you some time and introduce you to the amazing band that is Blossoms.

They are five young, seemingly shy guys from Stockport, Manchester, England and they are proud of it. If you follow them or are about to follow them on any social media, you will soon realize the same.

They are Tom (vocals, piano, guitar), Charlie (backing vocals and bass), Josh (lead guitar), Joe (drums) and Myles (keys).

The band formed in 2013 and in 2016, they ended 4th on the BBC’s Sound Of. And not to bore you with facts that are already on the web, if you like the album, buy it, download it and also learn more about the band itself by searching google, as simple as that.

The first time I ever heard of them was on BBC Radio 1, the Annie Mac Show and the song was Getaway. I loved it instantly but never really bothered to check them out or listen to some more songs. Well, I can tell you I regret that now, because they are so good. But anyways, one can always catch up, so did I.

For a while I was subscribed to a UK music magazine, Q magazine, and in one of the issues they had an interview with them, and I remember thinking they looked so shy, sad, moody but also excited for things to come. All that in one photo taken in front of some store.

I also liked their logo aesthetic, well, it’s not a logo though, it’s more like that I loved the font of the word Blossoms, if that makes any sense to anyone except me.

It just gave me that 60’s and 70’s vibe, the happy hippy, love is all we need vibe. And at times, it sounded like something made in the 80’s.  And believe me, when I sat down and listened through the album… it just made more sense to me. The whole album just oozes that happy vibe, whether it be in keys, synths, Tom’s voice at times… I have no idea. But, they did make an excellent indie-pop 60’s vibe, dreamy and mysterious type of record.

Album Front Cover

Now, the first track Charlemagne is such a melodic and catchy song, especially when it hits the chorus. The bass is just perfection that carries the song, along with clever little guitar solos. This song along with the next ones, At Most A Kiss and Getaway, were made into singles as a teaser for the debut album.

All of their songs have some kind of intriguing sense to them, they all glow with color, and by that I mean they have that bright color quality associated with 60’s and 70’s, hippy movement. Honey Sweet, Blown Rose and Texia are one of them. Cut Me And I’ll Bleed also bears that feeling, but it could also be seen as standard pop song but with a bit more edge.

The only track that is quite different from others is Onto Her Bed. It has an enigmatic feel, alluring and almost nostalgic sense to it. The song slowly fades away towards the end with erring vocals contributing to haunting sensation afterwards.

My Favourite Room is a romantic song about a heartache, it is just two acoustic guitars, tambourine and keys at points, and vocals. And that makes it different from others.

An awesome guitar solo can be heard in Blow which is quite satisfying and the very last song on the album, Deep Grass, is in the same level of quality as the others. It is good, but I am not sure if it was a right choice for the album finish.

Nonetheless, as this is band’s debut and they are just starting to pave their way into the music industry, I believe it will do great in the charts as it is different to what everyone seems to be doing now.

The only thing that I am rather annoyed with is the time I’ll have to wait… for the European tour. But, that just seems to be my thing/issue these days, finding out a great band too early and waiting for a tour.


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