Prague through my lens

This week, even though this is mainly a music/personal blog, I’m taking the opportunity to post photographs I’ve taken in Prague beginning of this month.

My mom and I always wanted to visit Prague, but our work schedules simply did not allow us. So, when the first opportunity arose, we seized it and booked our long 5-day weekend.

October seems like the perfect month for Prague sightseeing, it is not too hot nor to cold; it is just the right temperature for a meteoropathic like myself.

Prague is an utterly stunning city and probably one of the most charming cities I’ll ever visit. The lovely red rooftops, cobblestone pavements, green spires dotting the skyline, quaint and colorful streets… From the centuries old monuments, bridges and buildings to new, modern statues of contemporary art, Prague has something for everyone.

From the moment you set foot in the Old Town Square, you’ll understand what I mean. But until you go and see for yourself, I’ll let my photos do most of the talking.


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