Twenty One freaking Pilots!

No words.

I just… I can’t.

I’ll just leave this photo here and retreat to sob out of sheer and pure happiness. If you are a fan of this band you know exactly how I feel and what I mean by “no words”.

Picked up this beauty today, finally after almost 6 months of anticipation. And on Saturday it will be THE day, that one night we have all been waiting for so long. I mean, whole summer has past and it’s autumn now. And of course, I am seeing them in Vienna, since I am not really sure if bands I love in general even know where my country is located on a map.

Sigh, the lengths we music aficionados go to… now that’s dedication people.

And if you too are travelling from a far, I admire you and we should be friends.

Ugh, I can’t wait!


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