Milky Chance release music video for ‘Cocoon’

It’s been about time! Milky Chance have finally stepped into the limelight after almost 3 years. The German duo did not release anything since their debut album “Sadnecessary” and the song “Cocoon” is their very first offering to the world.

They kept it pretty simple, sticking to their recognizable sound of electro-folk. You can always expect a song filled with great, almost hypnotic guitar lines, beautiful melody and enchanting voice of Clemens, the band’s vocalist. Even though his enunciation is not perfect and you will probably have to search for lyrics, that does not diminish the beauty of the song. However, it makes it more mysterious and magical.

When I first listened to it, I immediately had this scene in my head of a woman running through the forest unconcerned. But, the video is quite different from my vision of it. It is enigmatic and rather disturbing the first time you watch it. It is set in a confinement of a sort and a girl is held captive.

If you are a type who’s not into visuals and further explanation is needed, I would just say that the message behind the video is a powerful one. It is cleverly directed and executed in such a way that to some it would be just one more weird video, but to others it will speak volumes.

Check out the video bellow:

“Humanity has made a slave out of mother nature, making himself richer till the point is too late and we lose her.” – insightful You Tube comment


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