Exit Festival 2017 – Get ready, the ticket sale starts soon!

The next EXIT festival will be held from 6th to 9th of July, 2017 at the well-known location, Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia and it will be a huge celebration honoring and marking 50 years since the legendary “Summer of Love 1967”. That year is considered as THE year everything changed, the year that saw revolutionary new, hippy movement fighting for peace, freedom of speech, human rights and advocating social, racial and gender equality.

EXIT, as a contemporary music festival created out of the desire to fight for social changes, wants to preserve the basic ideas behind some of the first major music festivals during the ‘60s like Woodstock and Monterey. The main goal is to transcend the message of those revolutionary movements and moments in time which are needed at this day and age more than ever.

A special Early-Bird offer for the four-day ticket to EXIT Festival will be available from 18 November! First buyers for the EXIT Summer of Love 2017 will be able to purchase tickets with an amazing 30% off, at just 99 EUR +b/f / £89 + b/f! Camping tickets will also be available at 35 EUR +b/f / £30 + b/f.

Don’t forget to check the official EXIT website on 18th November because there is a very limited amount of tickets at this special offer.

Later, on Wednesday, 7th December, right at noon (12PM CET) starts a global ticket sale for Exit Summer of Love 2017!

Tickets in Serbia will be sold via website and pay desks of Gigstix.com for the price of 5.990 rsd, which is a 65% out of the standard, full ticket price. The 1st round of tickets is always sold out in a matter of several hours and the ticket price gets higher as the time passes and the festival gets closer and closer.

Tickets will be available at websites: www.gigstix.com and www.ticketshop.hr

The first confirmed acts will soon be announced for what is always a very genre diverse line up that both EXIT is known for.


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