Vienna sightseeing at night-time

I have, again, found myself in lovely Vienna. I seem to go back quite so often, whether is for a concert or to just visit my friend Alex ( one you may have seen on my Exit adventure photos).

And believe you me, I am still not bored of this city. There is always something to see, new things to discover and a different people to meet. But, I guess that can be said of every big, metropolitan city in Europe, it just goes with the territory.

This time around, instead of being proper tourist and going sightseeing during the day ( or just doing what a normal person should do, I guess) I have decided to enjoy my mornings by staying in, having late breakfast and a cup of coffee, then blasting some music while slowly putting on my makeup. Oh, and constantly dancing in my pajamas until it was time to head out into the world.

And if you’re wondering how on earth was I able to do all that and not one single person was bothered by my behaviour, well, I was alone during the day because Alex was working and on the plus side, there were no neighbours around the flat since there was some construction stuff going on.

It was time well spent and I got to see some of the Christmas lights and decorations around the city, but some of it was still in boxes ready to be displayed later in the month.

Here are some night-time photos I took along with my favorite food ( I had to, sorry).


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