VANT share ‘Dumb Blood’ artwork and tracklist

VANT have unveiled the artwork and track listing for their debut album ‘Dumb Blood’ which will be released February 17th, 2017.

Not only is there an artwork, but VANT have now also unveiled more information on the record.

Available for pre-order both as a digital copy and physical copy, the debut is filled with fan favorites such as ‘The Answer’, ‘Peace & Love’, ‘Parking Lot’, ‘Karma Seeker’ and ‘Fly-By Alien’ among many others.

The track listing is:

1. The Answer
2. Put Down Your Gun
3. Peace & Love
4. Lampoon
5. Parking Lot
6. Do You Know Me?

1. Fly-By Alien
2. Headed for the Sun
3. Parasite
4. Are We Free?
5. Karma Seeker
6. Time & Money

And the revealed artwork looks like this:


There is also a deluxe version featuring additional eight tracks.

Also, the band will tour the UK and Ireland from late February 2017.


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