Ed Sheeran teases new music for 2017

Yes, you read that right! Ed Sheeran has finally broke his media silence which started on December 13, 2015 and exactly one year later he posted a quite mysterious all blue photo on his social media. It’s not an exaggeration to say that fans went berserk over this. What is this, what does it all mean, why there is no caption? The list of question just went on and on.

But, as we welcomed new year Ed had a surprise video which revealed all. You know how they say, new year new you? Well, I think Ed took this quite literally and instead of giving the fans “a new me”, he went even further and gave us the anticipation of new music and perhaps, a new album? Tour? So there, we have something new and exciting to look forward to, us Sheeran fans.


I must say, this 2017 is off to a great start and it’s only the first day. All we have to do now is wait ( or countdown the days, whatever you prefer) for Friday, 6th of January and bless our ears with some new music coming from this ginger genius that is Ed Sheeran.



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