London Grammar release new single ‘Rooting For You’

It’s only day 2 and this year is turning into a great one. First my favorite ginger in the world, Ed Sheeran releases a tease video for new music and now one of my favorite bands, London Grammar has released a brand new song titled ‘Rooting For You’ and an accompanying video.

I mean what’s next, Arctic Monkeys releasing new music too? ( well it’s highly unlikely, but a girl can dream right?)

Anyways, on New Years Day Phil Taggart premiered London Grammar’s new song ‘Rooting For You’ on his BBC Radio 1 show. This song is their first new music since 2013 and their debut album ‘If You Wait’. As always, the song is pure perfection, a true London Grammar track.

In the video above we see and hear the absolutely gorgeous and talented Hannah Reid whose vocal is the centre and key for the feel of the song. It begins as a mesmerizing a capella with Hannah’s ethereal, brooding and haunting vocal which I am in awe. But then the song slowly transitions into a more powerful ballad, or an ambient track if you will, with melancholy guitar lines, piano and lovely strings session.

The video is simply beautiful, it is music in its pure form. An angelic voice and a gorgeous, almost as a movie score sound. No over-the-top production behind it, no auto-tune, no overlays or unnecessary effects; just true and pure music.

Until we wait for their sophomore album, check out the video and bless your ears to this beauty of music. You will not regret it.




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