Major Lazer and Showtek release video for ‘Believer’

After globally successful tracks like ‘Lean On’, ‘Light It Up’ and ‘Cold Water’, the electronic trio Major Lazer have released a video for another, bound-to-be-a-chart-winner song titled ‘Believer’.

The track, done in collaboration with Dutch production duo Showtek, is taken as a second single from their fourth studio album ‘Music Is The Weapon’. It samples vocals from Freetown Collective, a Caribbean band, on their song “Good Swimma”.

The track itself has everything you want from a Lazer song; the build up, the drops, the feel good beats and vibe with reggae influences which turns into a more heavy, dance track.

When you just listen to the song, everything is fine. You can dance to it, bounce and bang your head, it is a great club song.

However, the video is something else. It is quite a juxtaposition, it gives you such a completely different feeling that you will not be able to just “listen” to the song without having this overwhelming feeling of sympathy and empathy.

The video follows a boy somewhere in the Middle East, probably Syria, who is trapped beneath the explosion rubble. It seems as though he is having a dream like sequence whilst trapped, he recalls all the fond memories he has of his family, friends and altogether of happier times in his life. That is interrupted by a black, elephant-like monster who is chasing him, most likely he is a symbol of Death or Fear in general. But, as all thing in life, the boy stops running from his fears and faces them, making it his companion instead of his enemy.

And once he stops being afraid, stops running from Death, he is awaken by the sounds of people gathered to rescue him and he reaches out to a “hand of salvation and hope”.

The caption of this video includes a donation link to Save the Children for those who would “like to help provide relief to children affected by the conflict in Syria.”

Check out the video bellow and find more information about the organization here.




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