Ed Sheeran releases not one, but two singles in a day

Yes, you read that right!

Ed freaking Sheeran is back!

On January 1st, Ed shared a rather mysterious post on his social media. Mysterious in terms of what exactly did he meant by ‘new music’, did he meant just a new single release or maybe a brand new album?

Well, this morning at 5am (rather early if I may say) it was all revealed. Ed has generously gifted us with not one single, but TWO!  He stated that this is so “cause I’ve been away for a bit, here’s two singles rather than one.”

I mean, this man…

The singles are titled ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Castle on the Hill’ and are two completely different songs in terms of sound, vibe and lyrics.

‘Shape Of You’ is a tropical, summery pop song made for swaying your hips. On the other hand, ‘Castle on the Hill’ is a romanticized pop tale of homesickness filled with intricate bass lines and a chorus that more resembles a U2 song than something Ed would record. But, I am glad he did.

Both songs will probably be on the new album, presumably titled “÷”. But, that is info is yet to be confirmed.

Until then, you can listen to ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Castle on the Hill’, but also watch the lyric videos below.


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