Sia drops single and lyric video for ‘Move Your Body’

This is slowly turning into a Sia month.

Not even a week has passed from her latest video ‘Never Give Up’, but she surprised everyone by dropping her brand single ‘Move Your Body’ and then releasing a lyric video for it. But nowadays, all lyric videos seems like proper music videos to me.

The single is taken from her ‘This Is Acting’ album which came out nearly a year ago, but let me tell you, it is still on repeat at my house. The song itself is catchy, danceable, with a chorus that will be stuck in your brain for days on end.

Also noteworthy, the song was originally written for Shakira but she sadly rejected it. Even though I can easily imagine Shakira performing this song, I believe it turned out the best for Sia though. The single follows the theme of the album and it has that dance, urban pop feel to it.

It simply belongs on the album.

On the other hand, the video is ’80s galore. From the fashion to the closing credits, it screams the ’80s. The famous wig is also in the video, being Sia’s signature and all, and a lovely little girl is dancing through the monotony of life.

Check out the video below.


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