LANY finally shares music video for ‘ILYSB’

After almost 2 years since the song actually came about, my favorite LA based trio LANY have finally released a brand new video for ‘ILYSB‘ ( i love you so bad).

The single is dear to my heart, but I suppose it hits home for all LANY fans out there.

Even though the track had a video of an acoustic performance, it deserved proper visuals after all that pleading from fans and waiting.

The video itself is quite different from what LANY usually does, and I guess some fans will get a bit critical towards it.

It starts all lovely, driving-in-a-convertabile-through-LA-with-wind-in-the-hair music video stereotype, but there’s a plot twist. It all suddenly gets very creepy, with lyrics which reveal the other, much darker side of things.

Paul Jason Klein, LANY’s frontman said about the video: it would have been the least creative, most predictable thing in the world to run thru a field and fly down the PCH in a convertible with the “love of my life” … hand-in-hand, wind-in-hair. i had an opportunity to flip the script, to beautifully blindside the fan and the critic. i turned “ILYSB” into a tragedy of unhealthy obsession and unrequited love that ultimately led to psychotic behavior and total derailment.”

Check out the video below.


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