Ed Sheeran goes all ‘Rocky’ in new video for ‘Shape Of You’

Sheeran’s been a very busy man this month. Just when everyone thought that Ed couldn’t possibly have any more aces up his sleeve, he delightfully surprised us all and shared new video for his chart-topping single ‘Shape Of You’.

Now, I think I’m in the right when I say that most of us had this very clear image of what the music video should be about… right? We all basically imagined Ed partying and going round bars, something like in ‘Don’t’, and a girl his trying to win over by saying all those cheeky lines.

A very basic, non-imaginative music video…

Well no, the video is nothing of that sort. Ed goes all ‘Rocky’ and feisty in this one, training for a boxing match and hitting the crap out of a punching bag. He also has a love interest who is helping him get into shape and defeat his rival, who ends up to be a sumo wrestler.

So, way to go Ed for not following the rules and giving the audience something completely different than what the lyrics suggest.

Check out the video below.

Ed’s third studio album ‘÷’ (Divide) is out March 3rd and you can pre-order it here.




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