The 1975 release charity single ‘By Your Side’

The 1975 have released a brand new shiny single titled ‘By Your Side’ which is actually a Sade cover. The track was released in support of WarChild, a charity organization and event held in London to help raise money and public awareness of children affected by war.

The event was held on February 21st and the band performed in a 500 capacity venue. You can only imagine how hard it must’ve been to get a hold of those tickets.

Charity single artwork

The track itself is rather atmospheric and sultry, but then again so its Sade’s original. The only major difference are the vocals, which a lot people seem to have an issue with it. You might ask yourself why… well, the 1975 have decided to use one thing they have once hated so much and would often say that is not real music.

Auto-tune! First of all, Matty’s voice doesn’t need it and it’s completely unnecessary. Second of all, just because we are in 2017 and everyone is using it these days, doesn’t mean you should go against your principles.

After the initial shock and disbelief, it gets bearable. But, will I be listening to it on repeat? Probably not. But, they did this cover for a good cause and all the proceedings will go to charity.

Also, The 1975 are one of the acts performing at the BRITs, so make sure you tune in!



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