LANY drops an announcement bomb via Instagram

This info could not get any better, even if they tried… and they didn’t, obviously.

Just as the title subtly suggests, my favorite Californian trio LANY has just dropped a huge announcement bomb via their Instagram page and they couldn’t have been more casual about it.

Namely, LANY has made a short, 1 min video in which the lead singer Paul is just relaxing on a terrace with Les and Jake enjoying the view. While watching it, one can just sense something is about to happen.

And voila! It does.

Paul then shares with the fans that they will be releasing a brand new song called “Good Girls” on March 3rd! But that’s not all, also happening on that very same date is the pre-order for their upcoming debut album. So, if you pre-order the album you will get their next single ‘Good Girls’ with it, and of course, you will know the album tracklist before everyone else.

Aren’t they just amazing?!

But hold on, there’s more! Their debut album is scheduled for release June 30th, 2017!

Finally, after almost 3 years of waiting and all those EPs and singles, mah boys (and yours too) will officially release an album; a whole new bunch of songs to listen and chill out to.

I mean, an actual physical copy to hold and cherish, learn lyrics from and then sing them back at their concert.

And LANY would not be LANY if they did not give the fans what they need. In order to make the ‘waiting game’ less dull, they will be releasing some new singles in the anticipation of the debut.

Some of the shared titles are ‘It Was Love’, ‘The Break Up’’13’ and of course ‘Good Girls’ which is out March 3rd.

I fucking adore them. No huge campaign, no overwhelming and unnecessary promos on social media, no bullshit.. just straight up honesty, realness and love for their fans.

I was kinda debating with myself if I should fly out to Berlin or Paris and see them on the upcoming European tour.

But now, when we all know the album release date, they will for sure do another tour after that as a promo… so, I am really torn here, should I go now or just wait for a date near me.

Anyways, one thing’s certain… one day I will see them and it will be amazing, and to all of you who are not so indecisive and already have tickets, I wish you a great time.



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