Getting lost (and found) in Vienna

Hello lovelies! So, I completely forgot to post some photos from my most recent trip to Vienna. One might say I am there every so often.

But, what can a girl/music lover do? 😀 If you were keeping up with me (if so, thanks), you would know that the main reason for my February trip to Vienna was, of course a concert, but none other than of the wonderful Bastille. I just could not resist and bought myself a ticket way back in October 2016.

This time around all was quite different since I was all alone, by myself all day, staying at a hotel, going to the show and just wandering around the rest of the day/trip.

It was so surreal, I felt so grown up… 🙂

Even before I set out on this journey, I made a decision to visit some new places. I had everything planned out, but one day I was feeling a bit down so, to cheer myself up, I went to my favorite place in Vienna…Schönbrunn Palace!

Even though I am a tourist, I try to avoid busy hours when the gardens are filled with tourists, all trying to take a perfect selfie. In general, I do not like selfies, so when I go sightseeing I rather just sink in the beauty of the city and its people, you know, the rustle and bustle, the sound of a certain city, blend in with the locals… and take only a few photos as a lovely reminder I was once there.

Schonbrunn Palace is a place to clear my head, think twice about certain things and make some decisions. I bundle up and slowly make my way to the gardens and the maze.

There’s something about being a complete stranger in a city, or a certain place. No one knows anything about you and everyone is just minding their own business, talking between each other and taking pictures. You can be whoever you want in that moment.

I, for one, love that fact. I can hear people talking in various languages but then again, my mind is totally silent. That sense of calmness and inner peace I get once I step foot onto the gravel is irreplaceable.

As you can see, I took some photos and the timing was just perfect. The sunset really did bring some kind of magic and color into the statues, and by that, the photos.

Hope you like them.



The Gates


this plane was so low


my favorite place


frozen fountain



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