Paramore release new single, “Hard Times,” announce new album, ‘After Laughter’

Paramore is back!

Paramore have just dropped the first single from their forthcoming fifth album, After Laughter, which will be released May 12 via Fueled By Ramen.

“Hard Times” is the official title of the first single and you can check it out below.

If we’re to judge by the sound and look of the first single and video, it seems that Paramore have ditched their rock image/background and decided to experiment and well… shake things up a bit. I personally love this new sound, its a good mix of happy and uplifting melody with thought provoking, dark lyrics.

That combo is just my thing, sorry.

All we can do for now ( other than counting down the days to album release and dancing to “Hard Times”) is hope that they will finally tour Europe and I, after almost 12 years of being a fan, would at last see one of my favs perform live.

Fingers crossed you guys.


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