LANY announce new UK and European tour

Today has been exciting. I have received a rather interesting and happy news in my inbox. It was a newsletter from my fav LA boys, LANY.

They have announced yet another tour for 2017 and this time it includes more cities in Europe! YAS!

Here’s a cute message from Paul making the big announcement:

“wow. this is fun.

i’m writing to you from a parking garage in santa monica. i have to turn this in by end of today (friday) so it gets to you by monday (today). our debut album becomes yours on june 30th, and the days leading up to the release are sure to be hectic. i’m gonna go bullet-style with the info so it’s as digestible as poss.

– “13” hit the proverbial shelves today, and the reaction to it has made me believe in music and people again. thanks for not just allowing but empowering us to be us.

– stayed up all night last night shooting the ‘good girls’ music vid. i think it’s gonna be pretty cool! got home by 7am but not without being pulled over and given a speeding ticket first. pch speed limit is 45mph by the way… for future reference. xx

– we just announced our european dates (!!!), and tickets go on sale this friday. if you have pre-ordered the album from our store (itunes doesn’t apply for this) or do so before wednesday, you will gain early access to tickets. you will receive an email with all the information.

there is definitely more to come, but i will leave it at that.

can you believe it?! summer is finally here, and everyone and their moms is releasing music. we’re the underdogs of june. but everyone loves an underdog, right?

thanks for everything! the future with you is gonna be amazing.

paul klein”

The list of cities for this new tour is:



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