Watch EXIT LIVE in the comfort of your home

Hey guys! Hope all is well! Today I am bringing some good news to those unlucky ones who sadly would not be attending Exit this year, and yes I am one of them. 😦 Let’s just say that I really, really didn’t have any luck this year with timing, organization, friends etc. I was so disappointed with the whole thing, but hey, there’s always next year, right?

Anyways, my internal sobbing aside :D, alas, there is good news! The lovely people at Exit have decided to live stream some of the performances, ( it is not up to them, it is up to the artists) on their YT and FB page.

So, if you are in my kind of situation, you can now rejoice! Set up your reminder, make some popcorn, put on headphones and voila, you are there. 😀

Here is the official statement for Exit about LIVE STREAM:

“We are once again taking the festival experience one step further in providing all our visitors, and those who are not at the Fortress, a full live Exit Festival coverage via social networks! Our Facebook page and YouTube channel will feature a live stream, to give all of you a full picture of the festival on your phone, computer and festival video screens at any moment, and on demand: from what the headliners think about EXIT, Novi Sad and the audience, where’s your crew and the party, from HQ footage and the latest pics, to live coverage and feeds straight from the festival – we welcome you all to be a part of this magical moment!”

Yas! That’s what I’m talking about!


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