EXIT is over, but hey, I made a playlist!

Another successful Exit edition is behind us, sigh. But, even though I could not make it this year, to experience it live, I was not just sitting about. Well, I kinda was, but I had a phone in one hand and popcorn in another. 😀

Yes, my eyes were glued to the screen, carefully following all the good parts and keeping up with all their social media. You know, behind the scenes goodness and all. 😀

Well, I got inspired watching and, of course, listening to a ton of Exit related music this week, so I decided to make a playlist. It’s been a while, I know, but at least is a good one, it has an awesome flow believe you me.

It is simply titled ‘Sound of Exit Summer Of Love’, because that’s what it was. 😀 You can check out 26 personally and carefully selected tunes that not only were at this Exit Festival, but were also huge hits that topped the charts.

You can check it here 

Enjoy the playlist and your summer!


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